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Biological Outlook On Life

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Medical Love

I used to wonder why love was associated with the heart. As I learn more about the human body in my nursing studies, I understand more about love. People will tell you that the heart supplies the body with the nutrients it needs. Oxygen and happiness.The heart pumps the blood which also carries away the bad things and cleans our systems like love purifies our soul. This is true. Love keeps us alive. However, i think it is also significant to examine how our heart deals with injury. When blood (or love) cannot get to the heart because of coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis the heart tissue dies. Scar tissue forms over the old tissue if treatment is not received in time. The heart remodels. The body protects itself. However, it may not repair itself properly. The remodelled heart cannot pump the blood efficiently and people die. Treatment can save lives. Intervention prevents the body’s innate response to fix and shield the heart and helps the heart function properly not overwhelmed by scar tissue. The heart keeps pumping. 

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